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I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Master’s degree in the Sciences. I have spent the last 32 years working as a Registered Nurse and the last 15 years working in management positions such as Executive Director of retirement communities. My management experience is extensive. I enjoy the challenge of turning companies around and making them profitable.

After many years in a rewarding and profitable career, my husband is supporting and encouraging me to open Club Fido. We have spent many hours together volunteering our time with various dog rescues.

My love of animals started a young age where I brought home every critter I could find. Ducks, dogs, cats, goats, it didn’t matter.

My love of dogs continued throughout adulthood and I trained my Newfoundland, Ursus to become a certified water rescue dog.

Most recently, I worked with my Golden Retriever, Sparky so he could receive his Good Canine Citizenship award from AKC. We then worked together and he became a certified therapy Dog in August of 2006. It was a proud day for both of us.

These are some of the trainings I can offer at Club Fido.

Right now, we have 2 dogs in our home, Annie and Sammy. We also have a crazy Russian Blue cat named Nicholas and a rocket girl calico name Mrs. Emm.

I was born into a family on a farm in Pennsylvania’s York County and animals were an important part of our everyday life. I have learned to understand that domesticated animals are an important part of our lives. I have enjoyed the friendship of man’s best friend growing up and though it a wonderful experience for my children. In my later years, Deb and I have found it difficult to understand the conditions some dog owners impose on their pets. We have found great satisfaction volunteering for the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue.


Our dogs bring great joy to our lives. We are rewarded daily by their loyalty and companionship. Starting a Dog Day Care – Club Fido is our way of extending our love for dogs into the community.




For Deb and I, Club Fido DayCare & Dog Sports Training is all about the dogs. 


Our #1 objective of making Club Fido DayCare & Dog Sports Training all about the dogs is really a question. Are the dogs having fun? That is why knowing dog behavior is so important. How will our employees know if the dogs are having fun if they do not understand dog behavior? Dog behavior knowledge is a must for all employees to help Club Fido DayCare & Dog Sports Training full fill its mission.


The #2 objective at Club Fido DayCare & Dog Sports Training is that all dogs have fun learning. So training must be occurring continuously at Club Fido DayCare & Dog Sports Training. Teaching proper play activity, dog socialization and manners is one reason why our customers are coming to Club Fido DayCare & Dog Sports Training. We do not have good dogs and/or bad dogs, we have dogs in training. As handlers we can and must have the attitude that all our dogs want to learn and it is our jobs to provide the training. All dog behavior problems will be addressed by Deb to the owner along with approved solutions. Club Fido DayCare & Dog Sports Training will not administer any behavior correction methods to member dogs without Deb communicating and get approval by the owner beforehand. It is imperative that behavior correction methods be consist and that progress is pasted from the morning shift to the afternoon shift.

The #3 objective at Club Fido DayCare & Dog Sports Training is happiness through exercise and play groups. The owners are bringing their dogs to Club Fido DayCare & Dog Sports Training because they know their dogs will get exercise and will be tired when they are picked up at the end of the day. Dogs are pack animals and will form groups naturally. It is the dog handler who must be the pack leader and disciplinarian of acceptable behavior. Club Fido DayCare & Dog Sports Training's balance of play groups and middle day nape time is a good balance that is conductive to learning.

The #4 objective at Club Fido DayCare & Dog Sports Training is happiness through cleanliness and good health. We are full filling this part of the mission statement by providing dog washes, nail trimming and retail sales of only the best treats and supplies to members of Club Fido DayCare & Dog Sports Training. Also clean play areas, water bowls and toys are the foundation of our mission statement. Employees must report all instants of suspected injuries to Deb no matter how small so an evaluation can be completed by her. We must visually note the condition of all club members who arrive at the beginning of the day so we know the source and times of all injury events. As employees this is essential for completing our responsibilities to our club members and owners.

Dog daycare is a relatively new concept in Central Pennsylvania. Deb is continually educating the public on the benefits of socializing the family dog. It is our policy at Club Fido DayCare & Dog Sports Training that all communications to the owners are always positive in material and tone. Deb is the only individual to communicate with the owners on any negative issues.

All problems are to go directly to her along with solutions about what can be done to correct the problem.

Dog having fun through continuous learning, exercise, clean play areas and good health is the job of all Club Fido DayCare & Dog Sports Training's employees.

Club Fido DayCare & Dog Sports Training really is where the lucky dogs come to play,,, every day!