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Leaving your dog overnight is, in some ways, more stressful on the owner than the family dog.  All dog owners want to be sure their dog boarder takes the best care of their dog.  Club Fido is concerned about each dog and looks to provide a stress free, safe environment where dogs can be themselves and have fun.  The comfort level of your dog is our primary goal.




The Application you complete will tell us all about your dog.  The things he/she likes and dislikes.  What his/her environment is like and who he/she shares it with.  We have you bring an item from home to place in their sleep area to make them feel at home while they sleep.  When you pick up your dogs, they are happy to see you and are the same dog that you dropped off, without the stress. Like home we have staff on site 24 hours a day providing dog companionship, exercise and his/her safety.


When you're looking for a trustworthy place to leave your dog while you're at work, during vacation or any occasion that you have be away, consider signing up for dog boarding at Club Fido. Contact us today for more information about our services, at 800-789-1041 or enroll online.


Application Process for new or inactive members


Step 1 - Select the ONLINE RESERVATION FOR BOARDING button below. 


Step 2 - Fill out the Enrollment application questions online. The enrollment application is forwarded to Club Fido.

Step 3 - Submit proof of the required vaccinations through the upload process; photo, fax or email.

Step 4 - Read the Agreement and sign online or at Club Fido Daycare on the day of your check-in. 

Step 5 - Enrollment Application, Agreement and Vaccination paperwork must be provided prior to being booked on the schedule.


Step 6 - When the Application process is complete, Club Fido will contact you regarding questions or to book dates.

Thank you for your interest in Club Fido Daycare !

Online Reservations for Boarding for current members


Note: All active members of Club Fido can participate in the online reservation process simply by selecting the ONLINE RESERVATION FOR BOARDING button below and follow the instructions. Each reservation request will be approved/disapproved manually by the staff on duty.

Schedule Reservations Online

Club Fido is using new software called Gingr that allows us to deliver better service to our customers. Here are some of the enhancements.

1. Online scheduling for boarding. 
2. Ability to schedule grooming services while your dog is at boarding. See Note!
3. Purchase packages online.
4. Pay online.
5. Manage your pet's vet records.
6. Generate estimates for your pet's visit and services.


Note: For grooming during Boarding schedule a boarding reservation first and add grooming under additional services.



Grooming is available Mondays, Wednesdays (Limited Availability), Thursdays, and Fridays. If you are looking for a simple nail trim, these can be done whenever Club Fido is open. Add a grooming service to your next boarding reservation.